Long Term and Short Term Storage.

Climate controlled. Whatever the reason. Whatever the season. We do it.

Long Term and Short Term Storage

Insurance is Critical. It's Important!

Mr. Murphy is alive and well. Your moving insurance should reflect today's value.

Declutter & Store

Declutter & Store

Need to stage your home for sale?
No place to store the excess stuff?
Our new service Declutter & Store is the solution!
3 months FREE storage.

Packing Supplies

Gather Materials Ahead of Time!

Get the proper packing materials that will help you do a great job and protect your treasures. After all, that’s what it’s all about, protecting your stuff.

Be sure to write everything down. Before you start packing even one box, make a list where you’ll input your box numbers and contents. Create a ‘Moving’ folder or binder where you’ll keep all things moving related including your list....More Moving Tips »

DIY Move

You load...we move! Just load your belongings into the container. We'll arrange to move it to your new location, where you can call us to pick it up when you are done.
More on DIY Move »

Moving Insurance

Planned Directions, your five star Mississauga movers help to eliminate the stress and worries of losing or getting your belongings damaged.

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The Nice Things You Say

With my recent move, your team of expert movers showed up on time and was very helpful. Not to mention the care shown in handling every piece of furniture. I’m pleased to say that not one item got lost...

Robert Yousefian

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